Thursday, 25 August 2016

Top 10 popular places to visit in India

Kashmir :

·         Kashmir has been the ever best place to visit in India. It is known as the heaven and paradise on Earth.
·         Kashmir has many amazing and beautiful lakes.
·         Every year, many tourists and visitors come to visit this beautiful place.
·         People living here are friendly in nature. They always welcome their visitors wholeheartedly.
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Goa :

·         Goa is the smallest state of India.
·         The best picturesque beaches of Goa make this land God’s Heaven on Earth.
·         Here in Goa, tourists can enjoy fresh seafood, vivid night life and beautiful environment.
·         Goa emerges as a hotchpotch of colourful festivals and traditions.

Shillong :

·         Shillong is one of the best places to visit in India in March.
·         The city is also known as the “Scotland of the East.”
·         You can visit Shillong in March and can witness pleasant weather, clear blue skies and beautiful mountains that promise an enriching experience.
·         You can enjoy shopping at Police Bazaar or Bara Bazaar.
·         Other interesting places are Crinoline Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Elephant Falls and Gunner’s falls.

New Delhi:

·         New Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the most popular places to visit in India.
·         The weather here is very pleasant.
·         One of the biggest celebrations ever made is Holi.
·         People can also explore the cultural heritage and architectural majesty of Delhi.

Mumbai :

·         Mumbai is the oldest city and is considered as the gateway of India.
·         Both domestic and international visitors can visit theatres, huge monuments, beautiful and large skyscrapers here in Mumbai.
·         In the same city, you can also enjoy the old and historical places of India too.
·         Mumbai also attract food lovers.
·        The famous food streets welcome many people and they can enjoy rich Indian food.
Agra :

·         Agra’s Taj Mahal is one of the most renowned buildings of the world.
·         It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of three World Heritage Sites in Agra.
·         The Mughal Emperor Akbar built Fatehpur Sikri about 35 km from Agra which is a world’s heritage site and is often visited by tourists.

Kanyakumari :

·         Kanyakumari is famous in India for its spectacular and unique sunrise and sunset.
·         On full-moon evenings, people can also observe the moon rise and sunset on either side of the horizon.

Kerala :

·         Kerala which is located on the lush and tropical Malabar Coast is one of the most popular places to visit in India.
·         Kerala is mainly identified for its beautiful Backwaters, ecotourism initiatives and alternative healing massage centres.

Mysore :

·         Within the state of Karnataka, Mysore is a best tourist hot spot.  
·         The Ambavilas Palace is one of the most visited monuments in India.

Ajanta Ellora :

·         Ajanta & Ellora are 28 to 30 rock-cut cave monuments shaped during the first century BC and 5th century AD.
·         It contains paintings and sculptures which is considered to be masterworks of Buddhist religious art and universal pictorial art.
·         In the Indian state of Maharashtra, the caves are situated just outside the village of Ajanta and Ellora.
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Top 5 tips for choosing the right tour Company for your Trip

If you decide to go for a tour, then you can look for the following things in a good tour company:
·        Reputation
1.      Look on travel message boards to observe what a company’s reputation is.
2.      When you find companies as per your choice, find out what people thought of them.
3.      It’s very important to check the overall reputation of the company.
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1.      With tour companies, it is not always true that you get what you pay for.
2.      Many tour companies may overcharge you.
3.      So, it is advised that you always negotiate.
4.      Many companies may ask you to pay additional money when the tour starts.
5.      That tour won’t be so cheap if you have to pay for everything while there.   

·        Market
1.      You can research the company’s target market.
2.      People can take the help of travel boards here.
3.      There is a tour company for everyone, so just make sure you don’t end up on one that isn’t yours.
4.      You can also ask on twitter, message boards and Face book and can research the company’s target market. 

·        Guides
1.      Always make sure the company has knowledgeable, local guides.
2.      The guide should be a local one, or at least a long-term resident who knows local language.
3.      They should have travel experience and also know life-saving techniques.
4.      Guides will definitely explain everything to you.

·        Safety
1.      Make sure the company fulfils all the proper safety requirements.
2.      The company must be accredited by the local government, the government where they are based or any other appropriate trade organizations.
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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Why ground handling services is essential?

 Services of ground handling are important for a customer.
·         Any kind of accident, damage or unforeseen event never takes place.
·         It also helps in saving a lot of time.
·         Maintain quality service delivery.
·         It also helps to minimize the turnaround time.
·         Executing better and advanced material handling equipment improves performance, development and quick distribution of tasks.  
·         It ensures safe flight and safe grounding operations.
·         Maintain sustainability.

In aviation, airport ground handling services refers to the servicing of an aircraft while it is on the ground and is parked at the terminal gate of an airport.
The ground handling crews take care of all things right from marshaling and securing aircraft to preparing service equipment. Ground handling services in India ensures better station management activities.  
In general, an airport, the airline or any other third-party ground handling company provides ground handling services. An airline can offer ground handling services itself i.e. self-handling.
It can otherwise contract another company to provide such services, i.e., third-party Company. It could be another airline providing such services or otherwise a dedicated ground handling service provider.

Need for a well-organized and approachable Ground Handling Services

Responsiveness and efficiency are significant aspects of ground handling operations. The speed of operations, efficiency and accuracy are highly important in ground handling operations. This is done to minimize aircraft turnaround time and the handling costs.
Ground handling operation utilizes specialized equipment to give different services. It should be available as and when required to avoid delays.
Also, different set of activities have to be done in parallel at a set schedule and also in an orderly manner. 
These activities can be performed in sequence or might have certain time gap that depends on the arrival and departing schedule of the particular aircraft. Such activities insist on high coordination, because it has a very strict time constraint and low tolerance for error.
It is highly essential to streamline the airport passenger check-in process, and hence offer a better service quality to enhance customer satisfaction.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Book air charter flight service all across India and other foreign destination

Air charter service
The service is used for different purposes such as:
1.      Transporting VIP members.
2.      Carrying tour groups & business executives.
3.      Cargo and medical emergencies.
4.      It is an easy, efficient & effective way of travelling. 

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Private charters- Single entity charters
A single-entity charter is one in which an individual or company charters a plane. The company bears the entire cost of the flight. There is no minimum passenger requirement as the cost is per flight, not per person.
Single-entity charters are normally used for business purposes. For instance, travel to meetings and conferences, VIP leisure travel or incentive travel.

Affinity charters
An affinity charter is slightly different from that.
1.       Here, all of the passengers are affiliated with a specific business, group or organization.
2.       Each pays his own air fare.
3.      With this type of charter, none of the seats can be sold to members of public.

Public charters
It is one in which a tour operator rents the aircraft and advertises and sells seats to members of the public either directly or via a travel agent.
The tour operator must have a legal responsibility to provide the transportation service. He is solely responsible for the protection of the clients' money.
Public charters often operate seasonally.

Public versus private charters
Charter companies offer a customized service in which the client has a choice of meals, drinks, staffing and other additional services.
·         Tour companies aim to maximize profits, so public charters usually offer a very basic service to passengers with a cheap meal, minimal staffing and low baggage allowances.
·         With a private charter, organizations can enjoy the benefit of video conferencing, corporate branding and other business services.
·         In private charters, In-flight meals are of a good quality and passengers do not have luggage restrictions.
·         With public charters, passengers have to stand in long queues for check-in and security. They need to be there at the airport two to three hours before the flight.
·         With a private charter, you can pass straight through security and onto the aircraft.

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Landing overflight permit services in India

Landing permit
landing overflight permit is given to flights so that they can land safely. Also, it confirms that there is no commercial objection if someone is operating the flight for revenue.

1.     Permits are required for all GA over flights and landings in India.  
2.     The procedure of permit is generally straightforward.
3.     But, if you do not abide by all mandatory requirements, the All India Airport Authority will deny your request.           
4.     You cannot get a landing permit without providing the arrival and departure time/date.
5.     Permit request is usually submitted via a ground handler.
6.     The receipt of the request will be acknowledged the same day.
7.     If something is missing in your permit request, AAI will let to know, so that it can be corrected.

Documents must be submitted in advance for landing permits. These include aircraft airworthiness, registration certificates and liability insurance certificate.
Charter (non-scheduled commercial) operators must provide an Air Operator Certificate. Originals of all these documents should be carried on-board the aircraft.
It is important to note that operators using 3rd-party providers must give authorization for the provider to act on their behalf.
Over flight and landing permits is valid only for seven days.

Authorization letters

·        The authorization request must be on company’s letterhead.
·        This request must be signed; it does not need to be notarized.
·        You must obtain authorization Letters for every flight.
·        You may have everything submitted for a permit request, but if this authorization letter is missing, your permit will not be processed.
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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Top VIP Air Charter Services Provider in India

A brief Outline of the ground handling services Industry in India
India is one of the booming global aviation markets.
According to the Airport Authority of India statistic, there are 128 airports in India. These airports incorporate thirteen international, eighty domestic, twenty eight civil and seven custom airports.

In addition, India has around one thousand ninety one registered aircraft's.
·         Over the years, India has witnessed a steady growth in the number of private airlines.
·         The Aviation Industry comprise of 3 types of players, namely full cost carriers, low cost carriers and other start up airlines.
·         According to a prediction of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, India in the coming decade will need 1,500 to 2,000 passenger aircraft, of which 135 planes have already been added.
·          It is also predicted that India's aircraft capacity will stand up at 500-550.
·         In the year 2015, the domestic market will go above 60 million and the international traffic will attain 20 million.
·         In 2020, Indian airports will be effective enough to support 100 million passengers, which would contain 60 million domestic passengers.
·         It is also estimated that the quantity of cargo managed by the airport will decline in the range of 3.4 million tonnes per year.

VIP Air Charter
VIP charter aircraft's are arranged across the country and some selected foreign locations. They are mainly helpful in those cases where commercial aircraft connectivity does not meet business requirements.

Service Provider in India
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1.      The company provides customized package charters for business meetings.
2.       It offers hotel accommodation, local sightseeing and more.
3.      We arrange air ambulance services for medical emergencies.
4.      Helicopter charter is arranged in case of short flights.
5.      Customized tour and travel packages are also arranged by us for various destinations including Agra, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Leh and Gaya.