Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Book air charter flight service all across India and other foreign destination

Air charter service
The service is used for different purposes such as:
1.      Transporting VIP members.
2.      Carrying tour groups & business executives.
3.      Cargo and medical emergencies.
4.      It is an easy, efficient & effective way of travelling. 

If you are looking for good service, then you can definitely search for a good airport ground handling service provider company which offers air charter services in India as well as in abroad.

Private charters- Single entity charters
A single-entity charter is one in which an individual or company charters a plane. The company bears the entire cost of the flight. There is no minimum passenger requirement as the cost is per flight, not per person.
Single-entity charters are normally used for business purposes. For instance, travel to meetings and conferences, VIP leisure travel or incentive travel.

Affinity charters
An affinity charter is slightly different from that.
1.       Here, all of the passengers are affiliated with a specific business, group or organization.
2.       Each pays his own air fare.
3.      With this type of charter, none of the seats can be sold to members of public.

Public charters
It is one in which a tour operator rents the aircraft and advertises and sells seats to members of the public either directly or via a travel agent.
The tour operator must have a legal responsibility to provide the transportation service. He is solely responsible for the protection of the clients' money.
Public charters often operate seasonally.

Public versus private charters
Charter companies offer a customized service in which the client has a choice of meals, drinks, staffing and other additional services.
·         Tour companies aim to maximize profits, so public charters usually offer a very basic service to passengers with a cheap meal, minimal staffing and low baggage allowances.
·         With a private charter, organizations can enjoy the benefit of video conferencing, corporate branding and other business services.
·         In private charters, In-flight meals are of a good quality and passengers do not have luggage restrictions.
·         With public charters, passengers have to stand in long queues for check-in and security. They need to be there at the airport two to three hours before the flight.
·         With a private charter, you can pass straight through security and onto the aircraft.

Vision Aviation Global provides best air charter services all across India and selected foreign destinations.

So, feel free to contact us anytime. We always take pleasure to serve you in a better way. 

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