Sunday, 5 February 2017

What to know about Private Jet Charters?

When you think about private jets, you might probably fall into one of two categories:
Either you do not know how expensive it is to own and operate a jet or you do know and do not understand how anybody, even the rich, would afford to fly privately.
If you are the former, here are some fun facts. The cost of a new jet will range from US $3 million to US $90 million or more.
The world’s most costly private jet belongs to Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.
This $500 million aircraft involves a stable for horses, camel’s two-car garage, and a prayer room, which rotates so it always faces Mecca.
But the cost to purchase a jet is not the real money drain. Operating it will set you back $700,000 to $4 million per year.
If you’re in search of a reputed charter service provider, then you can contact them to avail their best services.
Vision Aviation Global offers VIP aircraft charter services that are truly very affordable and cost effective.

So what is Private Jet Charter?
Private Jet Charter enables you to choose the type of plane or helicopter and in this way you and your associates will fly in to your chosen destination.
They provide a range of services right from small vehicle, short flights to large commercial sized intercontinental options, to fulfil your needs and personal budget.
Shopping around will allow you to discover the most suitable supplier.

Key points to consider:
You want the luxury to be an engulfing experience. So flying close from home to a point close to your final destination will help.
There’re many operators out there so look around for those who fly from your local airstrips and can land where you want to go.
There’re a few who can also offer luxury transport to and from the plane. So you need to take all that into consideration.
The choice of aircraft is also paramount to your pleasure. A short flight with awkward access arrangements will suit a private helicopter more than a small jet.

Obviously you may need to make sure that the aircraft will accommodate your entire party and you must also consider whether a few empty seats is nicer to allow your friends to mingle.
It may be useful to allow a range of seating options for a variety of conversations and individual meetings.
Will you be happy to cater to your own needs or would you need to prefer some additional help from the qualified professional stewards, not available on every flight, so it is worth checking.
Together with catering requirements you must also check the rest room facilities available on your choice. Reason being, they do vary considerably, even to the point of being non-existent.
With all of the above points considered, you should also make sure that the company you choose to fly with has a good reputation for service, safety, and customer care.
Also, it can satisfy any other specific requirements that you may have. You can take your time to do your homework and it will definitely be worth the small amount of effort.

Helping you choose:
We simply love the whole concept of private jet charter. Service is a key factor in this market and many companies are now offering highly personalised services.
They also expand what they offer in order to give an exceptional travel experience whether that be for private or business purposes.

About Author:
Vision Aviation Global is a well known VIP aircraft charter service provider in Delhi. Vision Aviation Global is an authorized firm, which helps in obtaining landing and overfly permits.
We’re based in Delhi and are able to file and obtain permits in the shortest possible time frames from Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation etc.
Our network of professional staff allows us to offer a complete service package tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements at all airports.
We strive to offer all inclusive ground handling through authorized ground handlers and flight support services.


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