Sunday, 21 August 2016

Why ground handling services is essential?

 Services of ground handling are important for a customer.
·         Any kind of accident, damage or unforeseen event never takes place.
·         It also helps in saving a lot of time.
·         Maintain quality service delivery.
·         It also helps to minimize the turnaround time.
·         Executing better and advanced material handling equipment improves performance, development and quick distribution of tasks.  
·         It ensures safe flight and safe grounding operations.
·         Maintain sustainability.

In aviation, airport ground handling services refers to the servicing of an aircraft while it is on the ground and is parked at the terminal gate of an airport.
The ground handling crews take care of all things right from marshaling and securing aircraft to preparing service equipment. Ground handling services in India ensures better station management activities.  
In general, an airport, the airline or any other third-party ground handling company provides ground handling services. An airline can offer ground handling services itself i.e. self-handling.
It can otherwise contract another company to provide such services, i.e., third-party Company. It could be another airline providing such services or otherwise a dedicated ground handling service provider.

Need for a well-organized and approachable Ground Handling Services

Responsiveness and efficiency are significant aspects of ground handling operations. The speed of operations, efficiency and accuracy are highly important in ground handling operations. This is done to minimize aircraft turnaround time and the handling costs.
Ground handling operation utilizes specialized equipment to give different services. It should be available as and when required to avoid delays.
Also, different set of activities have to be done in parallel at a set schedule and also in an orderly manner. 
These activities can be performed in sequence or might have certain time gap that depends on the arrival and departing schedule of the particular aircraft. Such activities insist on high coordination, because it has a very strict time constraint and low tolerance for error.
It is highly essential to streamline the airport passenger check-in process, and hence offer a better service quality to enhance customer satisfaction.

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  1. what are the duties of ground staff for every department? can you give?